The Secret Truth of Time: A Time Travel / Supernatural Suspense Novel

The Secret Truth of Time: A Time Travel / Supernatural Suspense Novel
October 22nd 2017
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The truth about time is it’s only as real as you are. Alma Davis lives in a fantasy world inspired by the antiques she finds while working at the Valley Classified. As her dreams become more realistic, Alma discovers she’s been traveling into the bodies and minds of real people throughout time. One person is her mother.

Another is her mother’s killer. Drawn to learn more about the mother she never knew, Alma finds herself immersed in a supernatural world filled with witches, reincarnated mortals, and a dangerous foe who wants to take Alma’s life and her newfound power. Determined to save herself and her mom, Alma resolves to travel back in time, track down her mother’s murderer, and take his life before he can take her mom's. But each time jump threatens Alma's sense of self and brings her mother’s killer closer to finding her. For a young woman who has discovered the secrets of time travel, the clock is running out. The Secret Truth of Time is a time travel novel with a dash of paranormal suspense and mind-bending metaphysical mystery. Perfect for the reader who enjoys a fast-paced, thought-provoking thriller. Pick up your copy today!