One of Ours / Youth and the Bright Medusa

One of Ours / Youth and the Bright Medusa
June 23rd 2015 by Pearl Necklace Books
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• Two of American author Willa Cather's classic books are bound together in this Kindle edition: the Pulitzer Prize winning novel "One of Ours" and Cather's short story collection "Youth and the Bright Medusa" One of Ours (1922) Tired of his Christian college, Claude tires to persuade his parents to send him to a state school. He meets the Erlich family but the relationship is short lived as he must return to the family farm. He marries a childhood friend but she doesn't appear to love him as much as her work, and eventually decides to enlist in the U.S.

Army during World War I to find meaning in his life. "Youth and the Bright Medusa" (1920) Eight short stories including: "Coming, Aphrodite!"; "The Diamond Mine"; "A Gold Slipper"; "Scandal"; "Paul's Case"; "A Wagner Matinee"; "The Sculptor's Funeral"; and "A Death in the Desert". About The Author American author Willa Cather (1873 – 1947) was raised in Virginia and Nebraska and wrote eloquently about life on the Great Plains, including My Ántonia (1918), considered her masterpiece. In 1923 she won the Pulitzer Prize for One of Ours, set during WWI.