Indian Flavors

Indian Flavors
March 10th 2005 by Barnes & Noble
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Sensuous is the word that best defines the flavor and texture of Indian cuisine. A cuisine that is visually and aromatically one of the most opulent in the world. Marut Sikka, acclaimed food consultant, cuts out the fuss, and shares home-style Indian dishes which are perfect for everyday cooking. He uses his amazing knowledge of combining spices to make dishes taste extraordinary. The recipes are authentic — a testament to simple ingredients producing sublime tastes. Indian Flavors starts with a brief introduction to some of the spices of India.

The rest of the book is divided into unique sections such as the spice family, fresh herbs and vegetables, dried herbs, seeds and leaves, and dried fruits. As the author explores each section, he gives simple, but delectable recipes such as nutmeg potato circles, lamb chops with black pepper, dill infused grilled fish, jalapenos with jaggery and coconut, and rose petal and rice pudding, with vivid photos that are sure to impress. With streamlined techniques and intense, authentic flavors, Indian Flavors heralds a new generation of Indian cookbooks, a classic in its own right. Marut Sikka, an impresario turned foodie, has researched the finer nuances of Indian food extensively and has created over 14 unique Indian restaurants worldwide, including menus for many others. Often referred to as a culinary ambassador of Indian food, he has also organized numerous food festivals in India and overseas. He has created gourmet meals for many prestigious clients including Atal Behari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, and conceptualized and executed the menus for events like the Golden Jubilee of the Parliament of India.

He is presently a consultant with airlines, food-processing companies, hotels, restaurants, and flavor houses on Indian food and flavors. Mohammed Ilyas a curry and biryani master, has honed his skills under traditional masters such as Imtiaz Qureshi. He has worked as a trainer for many restaurants and has showcased his skills at national and international food festivals. With his extensive knowledge of Indian curries and stir-fries, he is one of the best practitioners of rice cooking in India. Dheeraj Paul has photographed subjects ranging from food, still life, people, travel to architecture and industry. He won the first prize in the Canon Asia & Pacific Photo Contest in 2000.