The King Not Lost

The King Not Lost
July 8th 2013 by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
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The King Not Lost is a historical legend that tells of a simple but clever shepherd named Dara. Set in a west Asian country in the sixteenth century, the high minister travels to Dara's small village to inform the shepherd that he has been chosen as king of his country. Dara doesn't want to leave his village, but he is now king and must go to the palace. There the ministers begin training the shepherd to become king. But in reality, they have taken him to the palace to be killed. The court jester and the historian inform the new king of the plot. What will happen when the final showdown occurs? Will he go from shepherd to savior? Hamid Karima was born in the city of Shiraz in Iran, the birthplace of two of the greatest poets of the world, Hafiz and Saadi. He liked to write stories as a teenager. Then he entered Shiraz University and graduated in English teaching. He taught high school English for nine years.

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