Stop At Nothing

Stop At Nothing
July 26th 2015 by Fallen Publishing
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Sean is still healing from the trauma, and under Scarlet’s watchful eye he isn’t allowed to do anything. Feeling weak and worth, he decides to head back to work. But will Scarlet allow that? Now that Skye is pregnant, she begins to tell everyone else in the family. Everyone is excited by the news, but will they keep it a secret from Cayson? Cayson loathes Laura with every fiber of his being.

He despises her and has never felt so much hatred in his heart.

But when she’s in trouble, will he look the other way and leave her on her own? Or will he intervene? Slade’s life is going well.

His marriage is strong and his love for Trinity is unbreakable. But will that change when Trinity wants to discuss something he isn’t ready for? Conrad and Lexie are happy just as ever, but when Lexie has dinner with her parents she’s given some terrible news. Will she recover from the blow? How will this affect her relationship with Conrad? The longer Jared spends times with Beatrice, the more he realizes there’s something deep below the surface within his heart. When he’s not with her, he thinks about her constantly. When women hit on him, he doesn’t take the bait. There’s only one woman he thinks about. But will that only lead to trouble?