The Island: The Complete Collection

The Island: The Complete Collection
January 3rd 2016 by Amira Rain
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This is a chance to enjoy all 3 books from this paranormal romance series about a beautiful but mysterious island and its shape-shifting population! Now, for the first time ever you can enjoy all 3 books in one box set and enjoy the magical journey that many readers have described as “Amazing!”. Each book in “The Island” series features a curvy heroine who finds herself on the island and the object of desire for a hunky shifter or two! Book 1: The Island of Alphas When curvy doctor Liz Fowler is offered a job on a beautiful island she is told it is to help fertility problems on the Island. However, she has no idea that the Alphas that live their want her to solve the problem in more practical ways than she expected... Book 2: The Island of Bears One minute Haley was at home in New York City. The next minute she finds herself on a warm, beautiful island with no idea how she got there. She wants to go home but a hunky bear shifter named Holden seems very intent on convincing her to stay and to stay with him... Book 3: The Island of Dragons When Curvy Ellie went overboard on a cruise-ship she figured she was dead. However, she woke up on a mysterious island only to find she was the captive of a dragon shifter named Warren. And Warren is very interested in getting to know his captive...