Assignment Vegas: The Case of the Athlete's Assassin

Assignment Vegas: The Case of the Athlete's Assassin
June 17th 2017
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A feature on Olympian and Las Vegas star McKenna Johnson could be one of the biggest stories of Jae Lovejoy’s career . . . but only if McKenna stays alive. McKenna Johnson is a fiercely private athlete. As a young gymnast, she was an Olympic gold medalist. But when she approached adulthood, a drug and alcohol problem destroyed her career. Now McKenna’s sober, and back in the spotlight, with a starring role in a water-themed acrobatics show on the Vegas Strip. She normally shuns any publicity, but Jae has managed to strike up a rapport with the athlete. Soon after Jae and photographer Colin Bloom arrive in Las Vegas, they realize something’s not right. A series of strange accidents and near-misses threatening McKenna’s life are pointing to foul play. And before long, Jae becomes a target too.

Can Jae and Colin save McKenna and finish this assignment? Read Assignment Vegas: The Case of the Athlete’s Assassin and find out today!