Hyrule: A Zelda Story

Hyrule: A Zelda Story
April 27th 2016 by Zack Briland
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Have you ever wondered about the creation of the Master Sword? How Ganon came to be in the first place? Why fairies always hide in caves? Perhaps how Link went from an orphan kid to the best swordsman in the world merely by picking one up? I certainly did. Join Link in my personal version of how I think it all began. This tale of training and wonder will answer questions you've always wanted to know, as well as create a few new ones when you get swept up in my very own Zelda universe.

Join in as he trains in the art of battle with a relent teacher. Laugh along at the smart remarks and as references to silly original Zelda situations arise and are finally looked at without gamer's goggles. This novel should have you as captivated as the story lines always had me ... until he shot magic from the sword, but only when at full health. (Come on, what was that?) After you read it, stay tuned, because the book won't end here. Join the ride! Disclaimer: "Hyrule: A Zelda Story" is an original work of fan fiction.

It is not associated with, approved, or endorsed by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda, names, and its images are the official trademarks of Nintendo.