The New Roommate

The New Roommate
August 19th 2015
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When Karl Wilson lost his job and had trouble finding a new one he became a broken man. With his wife Jill having to become the "breadwinner" and his already shaky marriage crumbling more by the day Karl sank into a deep funk. When his wife discovered an old spell that supposedly caused people to switch their gender she thought that she would teach her despondent spouse a on by the humiliating process of forcing him to become a woman temporarily. Hopefully the shock and indignity would shame him into getting back on his feet and restoring his manhood. Of course when someone with no experience dabbles in things like magic there are bound to be unforeseen results.

When somewhat surprisingly the spell actually worked and Karl was turned into Karla, a ravishingly beautiful woman with extraordinary sex appeal, it was Jill who found herself being taught more than a few ons. "The New Roommate" is a witty and sexy look at gender roles and how much they're often taken for granted until something causes the lines to blur. It's also an unorthodox romantic tale of a couple trying to save their marriage in the most unusual way possible. The story contains explicit adult language and situations. (Approximately 30,000 words.)