Divine Sight

Divine Sight
October 7th 2014 by Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
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There are many things in this world the average person cannot see…but a chosen few can. Such is the case with Lala, the five-year-old Mexican-American child at the heart of this unique coming-of-age novel. Divine Sight finds Lala at a critical point in her life, where she is learning how to deal with the different perspectives of her multicultural, multigenerational family and coming to terms with her sixth sense of second sight. Set in the 1950s and spanning both the United States and Mexico, the story is told through a series of vignettes written in Lala’s voice. Each chapter casts Lala against a challenging situation and shows how she, with the aid of her family members and otherworldly allies, works to overcome it and becomes more comfortable in her own skin—as a medium between two worlds and two cultures. A truly touching and thoughtful tome, Divine Sight explores many common, and uncommon, themes from an encouraging and empowering angle. It speaks volumes about cultural and spiritual understanding and tells a tale of hope and helpfulness that’s sure to appeal to open-minded readers who want to better understand and appreciate life’s many marvels.