The Witcher: Reasons of State

The Witcher: Reasons of State
2011 by CD Projekt RED
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It is the year 1262. After saving Ciri from the Brokilon dryads, Geralt ventures north. At the same time a war breaks out with Nilfgaard, a war that would end with the battle of Sodden Hill, which would supposedly claim the life of Yennefer of Vengerberg. The realms of the extreme North remained neutral, and the land is relatively peaceful. The Principality of Malleore, where this story is set, lies on the banks of the Braa river in the foothills of the Dragon Mountains. The small, heavily fortified castle of House Creigiau is located on the bank of the Crea, one of the Braa’s inlets. The mountainous region was ideal for shepherding, so the Barons of Creigiau spent centuries trading in wool. However, around 1251, the castellan Lazare convinced his Baron to switch to logging instead. This industry fuels the busy shipyards of neighboring Kovir. Esterad Thyssen, the king of Kovir, and his wife Zuleyka are the followers of the “Good Book” and its author, the prophet Lebioda. It is likely that trade relations with Kovir brought the cult to Creigiau. As it is often the case, the peasants did not abandon their worship of older, pagan deities, like the locally revered leshy.