When Opposites Attract (Deja Series)

When Opposites Attract (Deja Series)
June 13th 2017
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Arianna Campbell is a seventeen year old senior in high school. She had been raised to not want or need for anything. She loved school and had big dreams of going off to college after completing the school year. Her mother, Fiona, raised Arianna doing all that she could to keep her daughter on the right path. Her plan was working like a charm until Quincy emerged.

Quincy is the complete opposite of Arianna. He grew up in the streets and is the son of a well known drug lord.

Arianna was not at all attracted to his lifestyle but she fell in love with his appearance, personality, and dreams. Don't judge a book by it's cover. She discovered not all street guys are there by choice. She was happy with him until her mother laid eyes on him.

She knew him and knew the risk that Arianna would be taking by dating him. That was a risk that Arianna was willing to take. But, she had a rude awakening when she found herself trapped in a very dangerous world. This book is filled with twists and turns, action, drama, love, decent, murder, knowledge, and sacrifice. When Opposites Attract will surely leave you wanting more!