Storm Scarred Banner

Storm Scarred Banner
June 14th 2017
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May 1985: Soviet paratroopers land in Norway, seizing key airfields in a devastating surprise attack. Norwegians struggle to defend their country from a huge invasion force for the second time in 45 years. Erik Hansen is a 16-year old boy called up for compulsory wartime military service. Ripped from the comfort of his daily life, he learns the cruel ons of war as each day passes. Yuri Seminovich is an 18-year old private in the Soviet 45th Motorized Rifle Division. A simple Russian farmboy, he is suddenly swept up in the battle for northern Norway. The terrible task of trying to survive the hell of modern warfare is made even worse when members of his squad turn on each other. Yuri is forced to choose sides in a war for his country - and his soul.