Deadlands Reloaded Player's Guide Explorers Edition (Savage Worlds, S2P10206)

Deadlands Reloaded Player's Guide Explorers Edition (Savage Worlds, S2P10206)
January 16th 2012 by Pinnacle Entertainment
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S2P10206 Deadlands Reloaded: Players Guide Explorers Edition Savage Worlds RPG by Studio 2 Publishing Strap on your six-gun and saddle up, partner, because there is Hell to pay and the currency is hot lead! The Tombstone Epitaph has always been filled with lurid tales of daring desperadoes and deadly drifters, but lately the Wests most-read tabloid claims there is something more sinister stalking the frontiers lonely plains: Monsters.

Fortunately, where there are monsters, there are heroes. Squint-eyed gunfighters, card-chucking hexslingers, savage braves, and righteous padres have all answered the call. And if they fight hard enough, they might just discover the identity of the mysterious Reckoners some say are behind it all. The Players Guide is the core rules book for players of Deadlands Reloaded. It includes new rules for shootouts at high noon, new Edges, Hindrances, and powers, and everything a cowpoke needs to begin his journey into the Weird West. This is an Explorers Edition (6.5in x 9in).