Best of Intentions

Best of Intentions
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Seth McFadden would love to ditch his life as a rock star and return to his hometown and girl he left behind. When a wicked winter storm fulfills his desire, Seth learns the true meaning of be careful what you wish for. Injured and blind, Seth loses his psychic powers. Finding out Tess, his high school love, is his nurse is even more of a shock as he learns to adjust to his new life. Tess Parker has never been psychic, save for her connection to Seth. Now after his return, she's having strange nightmares and visions about the hospital's 'Angel of Death' killer. Seth broke her heart once and she's fearful he'll do it again, yet she can't walk away knowing he's the only one who can explain what's happening to her. When the killer learns that Tess knows the truth, the price for justice may very well be her life.