The Neuropsychology Handbook

The Neuropsychology Handbook
October 18th 2007 by Springer Publishing Company
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"A fantastic and monumental contribution to our field." √ Ralph M. Reitan, PhD The field of neuropsychology has many specialized books on particular diseases, but there is always a need for a general text to cover the major aspects of neuropsychology from neuroanatomy to assessment to practice issues. This is one such book that attempts to provide comprehensive coverage of the field." --Doody's In the last decade, the number of books, courses, training opportunities, and journals dealing with clinical neuropsychology has greatly increased. Demand for a complete reference in the field is growing as practitioners in private practice, the court system, and the medical field continue to make discoveries and advance our knowledge of the brain system and how it affects our everyday lives. In order to address this urgent need, Drs. Horton and Wedding have edited this Third Edition of the classic Neuropsychology Handbook. In its pages are reviews of all the major areas in which clinical neuropsychologists work: the foundations of clinical neuropsychology brain structure and function neurological disorders psychiatric disorders diagnostic decision-making symptom validity testing neuroimaging behavioral change following traumatic brain injury disability determination rehabilitation planning, and more Very specialized areas of practice such as clinical neuropsychology with children, clinical neurotoxicology, and neuropsychological assessment in criminal law cases also receive chapters.