Blood and Water

Blood and Water
January 12th 2016 by Poolbeg
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Meet the Bertrams - William the celebrated politician, conniving father and devious husband. Barbara, his long-suffering wife who laces her day with alcohol so she can hide from herself. And their children: Sebastian, a successful businessman defending his realm. Enya, The grieving prodigal daughter returned from self imposed exile. Cormac, a sex addict with delusions of his own prowess. Ciara, an emotional drama queen who like a little lost puppy just wants to be loved and Rian, the damaged bird who looks to fix everyone else around him before fixing himself. The Bertrams tell their lies and tolerate each other not because they want to but because they have to: they're family. But when their simmering tensions reach boiling point they discover that life has a way of letting slip even the closest guarded secrets. Then it’s payback time for the Bertrams as events conspire to put an end to the biggest lie of all. Blood and Water is a riveting tale of love, manipulation and family bonds