The Great Pan-American Motorcycle Expedition

The Great Pan-American Motorcycle Expedition
August 16th 2015
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Jesse and Jessica, just married and thirsting for the trip of a lifetime, leave behind their jobs and home in Canada for a 6 month motorcycle journey down the length of the Pan-American Highway to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. Despite a family intervention aimed to dissuade them from travelling through notorious Latin American countries plagued by drug cartels and bandidos, “The Jesses” set off with nothing but their motorcycles, a few pieces of luggage and each other. Battling outrageously bad roads, torrential rain, sandstorms and hurricane-force winds, their physical, mental and emotional limits are tested at every turn and they are forced to question the sanity of undertaking such a trip. Told from alternating points of view, Jesse and Jessica recount the adventures and misadventures of their travel with warmth, humor and a passion for thrill of the road. The Great Pan-American Motorcycle Expedition is not only an account of Jesse and Jessica’s journey through the wonders and perils of Latin America, it is also a guide that helps future travellers plan and execute a motorcycle trip of their own. Each chapter suggests routes and rates them based on the quality of the roads, how enjoyable they are to motorcycle and the sights along the way. This book also contains eight informative appendices which outline, among other things, how to prepare for the trip, how to cross the Darién Gap in Panama and how to maintain a bike during a long expedition. Complete with maps, sound advice and anecdotal experiences, The Great Pan-American Motorcycle Expedition is a must read for motorcycle enthusiasts and arm chair adventurers alike.