Sold to the Bear

Sold to the Bear
May 27th 2015
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BBW + Sexy Bear Shifter + Bachelorette Auction = Hot Romance With Wild Shifter Action He couldn’t look her in the eye. Something strange was happening. She thought of stories of women being beaten and killed. She could be left out here to rot. She knew he wasn’t going to do that, but something was going on. As much as she cared for this man, and she did, she had to know what was going on. “You’re going to be frightened, but I want you to trust me.” “Why?” She wasn’t sure what to expect but she had to know. “There are things out there that you don’t understand. I like you, a lot, and I want you to know me for who and what I am.” “What are you?” He didn’t answer. He just stripped off his perfect shirt and threw it on the ground. She could feel a fire burning inside of her. She could see his massive arms and his hairy chest and it excited her. Every muscle sparkled in the light of the moon with some unearthly glow. Reader Note: This content contains some sex scenes, adult language and possible violence. Only for the adult eyes!