Unexpected Revenge

Unexpected Revenge
July 20th 2016
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When Billy Mathers, possibly the sexiest guy that 18-year-old Heidi had ever laid eyes on, asked her for a date she spent hours fussing over what to wear. For Billy, it was all a game that he and his friends schemed up to create a nasty joke on the school wallflower. W ith revenge on her mind, Heidi sets out to shape up her life while away at college before returning home to serve up an unsuspecting revenge that fooled even her. When Billy Mathers strolled back to the scene of the crime, his 6-foot frame hugged his jeans snuggly. Heidi couldn't help but wonder why he wasn’t walking on a runway somewhere in New York City. Every crevice on the back side of his body was in full view. Yummy, can I order that please, Heidi was daydreaming ….. and then it happened. Unexpectedly, he turned around and caught her in full gawk mode. He was anything but the ugly, repulsive guy she had wished on him at one time. His muscles looked as hot as ever through his tight shirt. The platter for serving up revenge was beginning to get a whole lot hotter.