Water Friends With Benefits

Water Friends With Benefits
July 20th 2015
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Follow Erica, a world-traveled biology student, and great white fanatic, as she meets a mysterious man, who opens her up to a possibility that she never could have imagined. He is also a walking sex god. Erica is new to USA, California and has finally planted her roots, after living all over the world with her military family. She is soon to be attending an amazing college with a great program for her degree in marine biology and she specifically is passionate about being a shark biologist. One night, she stumbles onto the private beach area that is close to her apartment, in a dream state. She doesn't know how she got there but is quickly in the company of the most striking man that she has ever seen. Thinking she is dreaming, one thing leads to another and she is able to lower her inhibitions, completely opening up to this guy, Jack. She learns new things about great white sharks; things that she never could have imagined, and finds herself with a new unbridled passion.