Buz; Or the Life and Adventures of a Honey Bee

Buz; Or the Life and Adventures of a Honey Bee
February 1st 2012 by General Books
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BUILDING COMB. AN ACCIDENT. STORING HONEY. A SURPRISE. OW long shall we be squeezed together like this ? demanded Buz of a bee who was clinging to her. For days, answered the bee shortly. Come, I say, said Buz, you don't mean that, do you ? If you don't believe me, ask some one else. Oh, I believe you, but how slow ! I dare say, remarked another bee, that youhave heard of a queen having a great many attendants hanging about her at court; now you know what it means! At this moment the cluster of bees began to move, and to spread about. The hive in which they had been taken was very different to the old straw butt they had left, their new abode being a square deal box without any bottom. Into the back of this box a pane of glass had been introduced, through which the bees might be watched at their work; and at the top of it was a short narrow slit, closed at present, but capable of being opened from without, by means of a zinc slide. This box was placed in a wooden cupboard, which stood on four legs, had a gable roof, and doors opening at the back, and was large enough to contain three other boxes of the same size. Horizontal apertures, about two inches long and just high enough to admit a bee, were cut in the cupboard at the bottom of its front, and opposite each of the boxes within.

The floor of the cupboard, which was also the floor of the boxes, was cut away about the eighth of an inch deep, just underneath each of these apertures, and made to slope up toward the interior, sothat any rain driven into a hive might run out again at once. This pleased the bees, who hate damp beyond any thing. The swarm now began preparations for the great work of forming the comb; and hung from the top, no longer in a ball, but in sh...