Selling for People Who Hate to Sell: Everyday Selling Skills for the Rest of Us

Selling for People Who Hate to Sell: Everyday Selling Skills for the Rest of Us
September 4th 1996 by Prima Lifestyles
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Everybody has to sell something to someone, sometime! Whether we realize it or not, most of us "sell" everyday. For some it's selling their spouse on which new car to buy. For others, it's selling their boss on a project proposal. If you're an accomplished salesperson, it's easy, but what if you don't know how to sell? To the rescue comes Brigid McGrath Massie and Selling for People Who Hate to Sell.

Written for the so-called "non-salesperson" this book is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to improve his or her performance or marketability.Written in a hip, humorous style, this book gives readers the fundamentals, including how to: Create effective presentations Cope with work-related stress Develop strategic business relationships Run an effective meeting Selling for People Who Hate to Sell is one book that will help anyone find the success that comes with effective, purposeful selling.About the Author Brigid McGrath Massie is an award-winning business consultant, teacher, and professional speaker. She has provided training for many Fortune 500 companies, including Pacific Bell, McCormick Shilling, Vinters International, and the Northrup Corporation. She self-published What Do They Say When You Leave the Room with John Waters. Massie has an MBA from Pepperdine University and an MSW. John Waters is a professional writer.