Meeting the Wolf

Meeting the Wolf
March 31st 2015
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Sheriff Ray Prescott has a date for his day off--he and twenty-year-old Tom London are turning their chance encounters into a real relationship, and since Tom is a shifter, that means Ray finally gets to meet his other side: the wolf. Ray's determined to make this relationship something real, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop treating Tom the same; he still needs the dominant sheriff to take good care of him, and Ray is up to the challenge. Excerpt: "You're a little bit of a mess, baby," Ray observed, brushing at a wet smear of dirt streaking Tom's hip. Tom looked over his shoulder and said, with obvious daring, "Whose fault is that, Daddy?" Ray laughed and tugged Tom into a kiss right there in the middle of the driveway. "Mine, baby, a hundred percent.

Guess that means it's my job to wash you up, doesn't it?" Tom's eyes widened slightly and he was straight back to his usual shyness as he said, "If you want to, Daddy." "Oh, sweetheart," Ray said, and kissed him again, just a light press of lips on his soft pink mouth. "It would be my very great pleasure. Come on."