Down For Love 3: A Real Thug's Love Story

Down For Love 3: A Real Thug's Love Story
July 23rd 2016 by Royalty Publishing House
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Lovely and Clay are back and finally living the life they fought so hard to achieve. Clay and Dede are running one of the hottest strip club/restaurants in the city of Atlanta and life couldn’t be better, but unbeknownst to anyone old habits die hard and Clay is hiding a secret that could destroy his family forever. Lovely finished school and other than her career as a counselor, her life revolves around her family. But her biggest fears from the past are about to become her reality and her children King, Kori and Lil Clay may be in more danger than she could ever imagine. Kori is Lovely and Clay’s teenage daughter whose falling for her older brother King’s best friend, Turk, who's older and claiming the streets by any means possible. Trying to juggle their hidden relationship, life takes a turn that leaves Kori no choice, but to come clean about her feelings for Turk. With disapproving parents and upset family Kori begins to change into a person she never knew existed and with love in her eyes Turk becomes her everything as he commits the ultimate betrayal. King and Lil Clay Are Lovely’s and Clay’s eighteen-year-old sons.

The boys are about to graduate high school and embark on their own lives, or so their parents think. King is walking in his father’s footstep. He’s recently been recruited by the area’s biggest drug dealer, and has no plans of continuing his education after high school. King and his crew are making headlines and, without knowing his father’s past, he can’t understand why he loves the hustle.

From watching King, Big B decides on making King an important figure in his organization, which creates new enemies, lies and betrayal from the ones he loves the most. Lil Clay finally knows what he thinks is the truth about his biological parents and that he’s been raised by Lovely and Clay since his birth. He feels life couldn’t be better, graduation is around the corner and although he loves his family he’s ready to conquer the world. But no matter how hard he tries, he finds himself in King’s and Kori’s drama more than he’d like to be, until a relationship with an older woman begins to change his mind. Afraid of what everyone will say, he keeps her a secret, but when her actions start to make Lil Clay feel uneasy, he begins to question the people around him.