Weapons of Mass Distraction

Weapons of Mass Distraction
December 10th 2013 by Audacious
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When a client drops dead during Lexi’s spin class, she’s not surprised. It’s a tough class. But within days, another death occurs on the treadmill. Then, when her running partner bites the dust, it’s personal. Sent undercover, Lexi takes up a job as Montgomery’s newest gym instructor in a bid to find the killer. With her professional and personal lives on a collision course, Lexi is glad to take the case. If only she can convince her boss, and new boyfriend, Solomon, that she doesn’t need looking after as she uncovers a disturbing connection between the victims. Faced with a complex and dangerous case, Lexi must put all of her experience to use in order to catch the killer before another victim is claimed. To make matters more challenging, Lexi’s best friend, Lily, is planning for better or worse. Just one problem: all the local wedding boutiques are being targeted by a highly organized gang of thieves. Roped into the surveillance rather than lose her best friend’s dress and ruin the wedding, Lexi is in danger of having too much to handle. The only thing she can do is put a killer behind bars, save the dress, and save the day… Piece of cake! Also in the Lexi Graves Mysteries: Armed and Fabulous Who Glares Wins Command Indecision Shock and Awesome Check the author website www.

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