God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen
February 17th 2014
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Think your high school experience was stressful? Anya Alexandrova would like to insist otherwise. An orphan at the age of five, Anya learns, one October day during her senior year of high school, that she is the long lost relative of the infamous Romanov family. Now she is expected to uproot herself from her small New England town and move into the grandeur of the palaces in Russia. To top it all off, she is paired with a group of professionals who cannot comprehend what she is going through, including her personal adviser Kevin, who makes the move as bad as pulling teeth. As she readjusts to her new life, Anya realizes that being a future queen is not as easy as the movies make it out to be. Not only does she have to be presentable and pass legislation, Anya has to deal with friends, family, understanding who she is and of course, love. But as she begins to feel comfortable in her home, Anya realizes that there are some who do not want her to be there. Her life suddenly under constant danger and she finds herself trapped in situations that leave her begging for her life. A story full of love, danger and a bit of humor, God Save the Queen will keep you turning the pages until the very end.