Water for the Thirsty: a stream of erotic consciousness

Water for the Thirsty: a stream of erotic consciousness
March 14th 2014
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The title of this collection, Water for the Thirsty, is meant to convey that eroticism is fundamental to our human lives. Whether expressed in the physical world or not, the erotic imagination is cleansing, hopeful, and healing. There, we are safe. In that space, we are exactly where we wish to be at that moment. From that center, we can reconnect with the elements of life and renew our higher selves. This collection contains a number of perspectives: gender, sexual orientation, point-of-view, relationship context, timeline, and perhaps, even reality. There will likely be stories here that you will be inclined to skip. Before you do, please consider this; out in the wide world, there are end sources of erotica, easily found, from any given orientation. When we seek this nourishment only by category, we narrow our imaginations and, therefore, our existence. This book is a water-tasting; its flow derives from theme rather than category.

I hope that you enjoy floating down the stream, spilling over the waterfalls, and drinking it all in.