The Healings

The Healings
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"... an international team of researchers...has finally come to the conclusion that the cat is the manliest pet." This gem of wisdom, and many, many others, are embedded in the search of one man - and his cat - for the Truth. Join them as they travel from "healer" to "healer" in their quest for wholeness. Written in a unique voice that combines wry humor and a folkloric honesty, this is the story of one man's search for authenticity in the face of existential despair. Each chapter is a laugh-filled experience as the author peels away the facade of hypocrisies and half-truths that interfere with authenticity in living. Over and over, she provides us with clarity of vision and the curative effect of laughter. -Kenneth Weene, Author of Widow's Walk and Memoirs from the Asylum The Healings is a delightful book that fascinates the imagination. It tells the everyday story of a troubled young man and his life experiences, which are usually outrageous. The book has great charm, great character development, and a surprise ending. Readers all over the world will enjoy this book as much as I did. The author deserves a pat on the back for a really great job well done. People reading this book won't easily forget it because of its unique style. To put it bluntly, it's a winner. -B.A.

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