Super Performing At Work and At Home: The Athleticism of Surgery and Life

Super Performing At Work and At Home: The Athleticism of Surgery and Life
May 27th 2014 by River Grove Books
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A book about how to become a super performer in everything you do—and how to find the real reason for wanting to super perform How do you handle a “no-win” situation? According to world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Robert J. Cerfolio—“the Michael Jordan of lung surgery”—there’s often no such thing.

Sharing his own remarkable feats as a collegiate first-team academic all-American baseball player, his rise from a surgical resident at the Mayo Clinic to the recognized world authority in chest and robotic thoracic surgery, and anecdotes from his long career as a Little League coach and father, Cerfolio shows you how to think like a super performer in everything you do. Revealing the techniques, ons, and strategies he himself learned through playing sports, he teaches you to attain what he calls “the athleticism of life”: the practice that elevates the mind and body of the good to the great and makes a star performer into a super performer. Yet, as Dr.

Cerfolio learns when his wife tests positive for breast cancer, this isn’t the entire story—and what ultimately defines us is how well we can meet our obligations when placed under the most crushing pressure. In this provocative memoir/guidebook, Cerfolio sets you on your path to super performing—but teaches you, through his story, that your path is not complete without an honorable cause to steer toward and give your all.