The Red Star Diary of 1916

The Red Star Diary of 1916
February 16th 2015 by Smashwords Edition
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What is on the mind of a high school aged New Yorker in 1916? Europe has erupted into War and America is on the brink of joining in.

Yet, the thoughts of this teenager wander from baseball to theatre to the price of milk to death. This extraordinary work pulls directly from a diary discovered in a flea market in the 1990s. Rena Corey painstakingly tracked down the details of the young man whose diary she obtained, not even knowing his identity until well into her search: Bill Noxon. Intertwining Bill’s own words with her discoveries about his life, Ms. Corey paints a complete picture of a young man chasing the normal pursuits of any teenager of his generation, yet tempered by the recent death of a beloved uncle, possible war on the horizon, and other challenges that arise within his family.