See What You Have Done (Extraordinary Loves)

See What You Have Done (Extraordinary Loves)
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See What You Have Done is a coming-of-age novella that takes place in the Depression. While one of novella's important themes is the fate of a family's two pigs (hence the cover), the main story is that of the close relationship of eleven-year-old Jane and her Uncle George, who once played in a blues band and now lives in the family's attic. Jane and George understand each other better than any one else, and their closeness has everything to do with the changes that take place in both their lives, especially once Jane starts taking piano ons with Miss French, who went to high school with George. See What You Have Done is one of a trilogy of novellas, Extraordinary Loves, about those rare and magical close human relationships that fall outside the category of conventional romance. “This is a deeply good story, subtle and brutal. It is literature, troubling and incisive.” Abigail Padgett, author of Child of Silence, Bone Blind, Mandy Dru, and more.