July 25th 2017
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After leaving the magical oblivion known as Etheria, Aurora feels like she’s been thrown back into reality. Even though Arx Isle is nothing like reality, it’s still solid ground. And Aurora can’t walk on solid ground when she allows herself to be blinded by her feelings for Gray. So, what does she do? Stifles them, of course.

Gray is certainly unsurprised by her sudden avoidance of him during daily Halo training and angel ons.

But his way of coping may cause Aurora to regret pushing him away. Luna Langley and her twin, Logan, have joined their Halo group, and Luna has her eyes, and heart, on Gray. Distractions in the form of devastating deaths and attacks on non-angel land pull the Halos away from Arx Isle, sending them on a quest to protect the unsuspecting humans in London and New York City. Even the heat and danger of battle—or Gray’s new girlfriend—can’t keep Aurora and Gray’s magnetic feelings for one another stifled for long. But when Aurora’s past comes back to haunt her, Gray will be faced with an impossible decision. Will he make the right choice? In this breathtaking sequel to Etheria, Melody Robinette pulls readers back to the surprisingly dark world of Halos, where light and darkness are muddled by shadows, and love always comes with a price.