The Cowboy's Role Model

The Cowboy's Role Model
October 2nd 2015 by Enchanted Press
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Leaving New York to settle in Texas had proved to be the most beneficial venture for pretty Kimberly Jones. Playing the role model from one studio to the other had put her out on a career so endearing and the one phone call from Martha had changed her delusional fantasies of wanting to pursue a stage career without knowing too many men. The life in boots and saddles was perhaps the most promising for a black belle from the town and however way the young jet set, Willard Booth, had perceived her arrival became a matter of first impression versus reality. Nothing tasted as sweet as the black licentious Kimberly Jones. He would disdain the partial affection for Joan Beckley, an old-time whore but a mistress in his distress times, which of course turns in an upheaval of love and want. Is the black city girl going to take up the challenge and win the rodeo billionaire? Would she rather be content with the one night lewdness between the both of them and walk away from the one thing that could matter the most in her entire life? This thrilling, adventure and suspense filled episode of Western Passions will take you to a new sphere of love and licentiousness, as each page turned will inspire every moment of your wildest fantasies. Thank you for downloading this book and I hope you enjoyed it! Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire.

Intended For Adult Eyes Only!